Jaltest Tools. NEW AdBlue/DEF module cleaning kit!

Опубликовано 15.05.2023

Quite often, problems related to the operation of the anti-pollution system do not occur due to a particular component, but to blockages in the system pipes.

With Jaltest Diagnostics equipment and the new kit for the cleaning of the AdBlue/DEF module of Jaltest Tools (ref. 50105190), it is possible to clean the residues of crystallised AdBlue/DEF in the dosing module, the injector line and the injector itself, without disassembling the system.

This kit applies to:

  • Euro 6 trucks, Euro 6 buses, agricultural equipment and OHW equipment.
  • Emitec, Albonair, Bosch Denoxtronic 2.2, Bosch Denoxtronic 6 and Cummins Ecofit UL2 modules.

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